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Natural Hemorrhoids Treatment

What Are Some Hemorrhoids Home Remedy?

Hemorrhoids are pressure in the anus veins, either external or internal. And they are a pain in the butt – literally and figuratively, especially during stool movement.

How can they not be? Because it grows on your butt, usually on the rectum beside the anal canal, it is really painful to do anything the way you are used to. Instead of sitting on the chair however you want, you have to sit on a pillow and try not to move to prevent further pain.

What’s more, there are no complete solutions to easily get rid of hemorrhoids, you have to suffer for a long time and wait until it goes away. So what does one have to do with it? Well, there are a lot of easy and simple hemorrhoids home remedy you can do without having to spend a big amount of money.

Simple ways on treating your hemorrhoids

Just because there is no exact solution besides operation can be done to treat hemorrhoids does not mean you cannot alleviate the pain your hemorrhoid brings you.

There are herbal plants containing medicinal properties that you can pick directly from your garden. Some can even be found in your kitchen, on your cupboard or refrigirators.

One simple way to deal with hemorrhoid pains is to put an icepack directly on your hemorrhoid. The pain brought by pressure will be relieved by the coolness of the ice. Reduction in pressure can bring alleviation. Vinegar can also do the trick. Dab some vinegar on the hemorrhoids to prevent the burning feeling.

An herbal medicine found in the garden are aloe vera. Cut the aloe vera stalk and apply the gel directly unto the swollen hemorrhoid. Aloe vera gel contains soothing properties that will cool the burning sensation.

Witch hazel can also be used to shrink swollen hemorrhoids. Witch hazel acts as an astringent by using it as creams. You can apply this cream three times a day on your hemorrhoids.

Most of the time, your food and drinks intake plays a big role on what’s happening inside your body. Your swollen hemorrhoids might be cured through loading up your diet with lots of fibrous food – fruits and vegetables.

Drink a lot of water to take out all the toxins in your body. Water will help a lot in your bowel movement that will eventually assist in curing your hemorrhoid.

Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables, like oranges and kiwis are most recommended, due to Vitamin C’s ability to tone blood vessels. This, in turn, will shrink the swollen hemorrhoids on your rectum.

Most of these hemorrhoids home remedy can only provide temporary relief for you. If you think you have a severe case of hemorrhoids, it will be best to consult your doctor regarding what the best solution is.

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