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Venapro Customer Reviews: What People Are Saying On Amazon

Having pathological hemorrhoids is probably one of the worst conditions a person could experience. Those who contract this condition experience itching, rectal pain, and/or rectal bleeding. Usually, the recommended treatment consists of increasing fiber intake, oral fluids to maintain hydration, rest, etc.

Now however, Venapro has come up with a colon health and hemorrhoid kit as an easier and faster alternative treatment. After some time in the market, here are several Venapro customer reviews written by Amazon shoppers.

Praises for Venapro

Happy Customer #1: This user who bought on Amazon gave this product a five-star rating. She has been using it for almost two months now and she said it is working fine. After two weeks of use, pain actually lessened. Other symptoms have also decreased since the first time she used it.

Although the pain is not totally gone, she thinks she’ll be pain-free after a full six months of use. Recommending Venapro because she claims it really works, she urges other Amazon shoppers to give it a try. However, she tips off that you should keep up your fiber intake and drink lots of water.

Happy Customer #2: This former user, who had a full recovery from his hemorrhoids, said that he noticed a 50% improvement in just a week, and it was gone after three weeks.

Happy Customer #3: This third user has been using Venapro for one month and said “it is giving his life back.”

Critiques for Venapro

Angry Customer #1: This former user, however, did not notice any change after the first few weeks of using it. Aside from this, the pill made him feel bloated and gassy, and the spray, which is more than 80% alcohol, is as strong as a mouthwash. Because this customer’s hemorrhoid isn’t that serious, he has decided to forget about Venapro and go have a lifestyle change instead. He claims this worked more effectively.

Angry Customer #2: This former user has had hemorrhoids for many years already, and so he decided to try Venapro under a 30-day money back guarantee. However, after 30 days and still not seeing any results, he tried to get his money back but the manufacturers said that they don’t have such guarantee, and that they don’t take any open packs or refund money. It turns out that 30-day warranty didn’t exist after all.

Angry Customer #3: The third user said that, despite the claims of the product to not have any side effects, such claim is not true. After not even two days of using the product, he experienced “the worst diarrhea [he has] ever had.”

It was awful; it lasted about 36 hours and was very difficult to control with any anti-diarrhea medications. He was extremely dehydrated and he felt that he was preparing for a colonoscopy. He suggests that you check with your doctor first before using this product, or maybe starting with smaller doses to see how your body will react.

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